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The 9 best tricks and strategies for Fortnite Battle Royale

We give you the 9 best tricks and strategies for Fortnite Battle Royale so you do not have problems to get to the end of the exciting games of the multiplayer title of Epic Games for PC , PS4 and Xbox One .

Fortnite Batte Royale is one of the most popular games of the moment. His multiplayer battles in the style of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds , but free, have made the title of Epic Games have more and more active users and every day there are more new players entering combat. To help you in case you have just reached the title, we have decided to collect the 9 best tricks and strategies for Fortnite Battle Royale , so you can use them to have an advantage in the matches and get further in each round.

1. Build

The big difference between Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG lies in the ability to build the first. To master the battles of the title of Epic Games and reach the end of the games is necessary to master the construction. Building is Hack fur Fortnite auf fundamental in Fortnite Battle Royale and can help you survive and retain advantages for a long time.

For example, breaking structures with the peak and using the materials obtained to build a staircase can provide you with a high terrain immediately after starting the game. You can also build walls to protect your supplies, or even escape a firefight by lifting small covers while you are on the run.

2. Use explosives

Try to always have explosives in your inventory. Objects such as grenades or rockets have great destructive power and are very effective in destroying structures. For example, if you come across an enemy construction in which you have used a bowl-shaped piece for the roof, throw a grenade there and enjoy watching the bodies of your rivals fly away.

3. Choose well where to land

We have already told you which are the best places to land at Fortnite Battle Royale . Following this guide is essential since you may tend to look for a city at the start of the game and that is not always the best option. Fortnite Battle Royale has good supplies distributed throughout the map and areas away from large buildings tend to be safer because there are fewer players in them.

4. Locked effectively

Another strategy of Fortnite Battle Royale to consider is related to looting. Sacking effectively is essential to avoid loading of useless objects. Keep in mind that the booties of this title are divided into five colors according to their category: white, green, blue, violet and orange. The best thing you can do is land in places with an orange glow to find the best objects as soon as you start the game.

Remember to look well in places that usually go unnoticed, such as under the stairs, since loot boxes can be anywhere. In addition, we remind you that if you see an outdoor chest, it is advisable to protect it with a wall so that you do not get caught looting it. And you can also leave some unopened to use it as bait and so kill your rivals when they go to open it (pay attention to the ring that sounds when someone opens a chest).

5. Choose weapons well

If you are starting to play Fortnite Battle Royale, you may think that legendary weapons are always the best option, but nothing is further from the truth. If you are good with a type of weapon, try to take it equipped before any other, even if its level is lower. For example, it is useless to carry a legendary sniper rifle in the inventory if you are expert in the use of shotguns.

6. Use the storm as an advantage

As the game progresses, a large storm is reducing the playing area of Fortnite Battle Royale , undermining the lives of players who stay in it to kill them. But being in the storm is not always bad. If you've got a good handful of health supplies, you can play to stay close to the storm boundary and the play area. In this way, when the storm grows to further shorten the area of ​​play, you can stay in it a little more than the others and end up with the rivals who are running to the playground to save their lives. A good way to get many deaths in the free Free Unlimited Fortnite Hack PS4 PC , PS4 and Xbox One game since your rivals will be more aware of leaving the storm than of you.

7. Seek the enemy trails

In Fortnite Battle Royale it is common that many users need to get rid of resources that they will not use. Pay attention to the terrain to find areas where they have done so because it is very possible that they have walked as they royale release those resources, Fortnite Strategy and tips leaving a trail in the direction they have taken. This can take you many times to the position of your rivals, being able to surprise them in the back.

8. Grab the walls

This little trick of Fortnite Battle Royale will help you minimize damage from falls. When you make a big jump, grab the walls of the cliff. If you are lucky, the game will think that you have landed much earlier, and the damage from the fall will be less. Of course, keep in mind that Fornite Battle Royale is in early access phase, so it is very possible that this trick will be corrected soon.

9. Drop items

A good way to get away in Fortnite Battle Royale , in case you play in teams, is to drop objects. Look carefully at what objects you have in your inventory and if you think they can be more useful for other team members than for you, release them so that they can pick them up. For example, you can share your ammunition, or even drop a weapon that you know you do not need.